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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I had like one of the most awesssssssome day today,
I've been working crazy shifts for the past few day,

and finally today i gotta report to work only at 4.45pm today,
so i finally got to do some of my own things!

Woke up early to go to chuuuuuurch,
awww, i miss my church friends so much.
I forgot how i love their company,
Stop complaining like a pussy DANIEL HUANG!
You better don't go overseas next week
cos i'll be there next week too!

After church, boyf came to pick me up and we headed to Haji Lane!

Here's the aweeeeeesome part people!
I was invited to The Blogshop's opening yesterday,
but i couldn't make it due to work,
so i dropped by today!

Lol, boyf and i were looking for 35 Haji lane
and when we drove past this car, i was like screaming
Cos i saw the angelicious Creation sticker on the car! Lol!



The Blogshop gave me a mini wardrobe makeover!
I was told that i could pick any items from the
shop up to a value of $200 dollars!!!
Which girl wouldn't go crazy for a sponsered shopping trip?

Off to the 2nd floor to the clothes/bag/shoes!



Seeeeeee, loooooads of clothes waiting for meeeeeeee.
Clothes from so many different blogshops such as
TracyEinny, Love&Bravery, LittleRedHeels etc!

Clarence told me he closed the shop just for me to pick my items!
Awwwww! It was so much fun!
(Lol, seems like a blessing in disguise
that i couldn't make it for the opening the day before!)


I was browsing thru the endless racks of clothes,
There was this empty rack, and i placed all the clothes
i wanted to try on that empty rack!

I should've taken a picture of that rack after
i'm done picking out the ones i wanted to try lor!

FUUUUULL OF CLOTHES! Was so heavy when i brought
those clothes down to the fitting room to try them out!


How aweeeeesome is this,
you know how normally you get so disappointed
when you don't look good/bad cutting and stuff
when you order from blogshops and you can't wear them?

So you get to try them out VS buying them online and not being able to,
and the clothes are so cheeeeeeap,
most of the clothes are less than 30bucks!


I spent almost like 45min - 1 hour, picking out stuff / trying them on!
Really loved the stuff i picked out!
See what you can get for $200 bucks?


5 tops/jacket/dresses & 1 pair of oh-so-gorgeous heels!
Need me to tell you how affordable that is?

Muahahahaha, not forgetting the guys
other than the clothes on Level 02, of course there are funky accesories,
camera and stuff one level 01 to keep the guys/boyfs entertained
while the girls shop their brains off! hehe



I wanna get the waterproof camera from them
when i'm going to palau rawa and i'm gonna go snoooooooorkling!


Cool funky accesories! Got one of the rings for myself and boyf!

And after shopping for clothes on the 1st level,

remember to headed down to Level 01 to get your accesories
from brands like Angelicious Creations, if you remember,
i actually did an advertorial for them afew months ago!



Happy meeeee with Lucas from The Blogshop!

The Blogshop is located at 35 Haji Lane,
(nearest mrt would be Bugis)

Just behind Arab street where
you can get swavoski crystals to "zhung" your gadgets
and you can go have yummy chicken kebab/smoke shisha
at the egyptian restaurant after shopping at The Blogshop!

They're open till 10pm daily,
so drop by and go for some craaaaaazy shopping!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Woke up this morning feeling like crap, after makeup and
done preparing to go to work, then decided to go see a doc.


had to wear a bloody mask cos i had a feveeeeeer.
So hoooooooot, like can't breathe properly luh!

WAITED almost 2 hours to see the bloody doc!!!
So irritated! Then there's this girl who had chicken pox
at the same clinic sitting beside me
omg scared me to death cos i've not have chicken pox before!

Hate going to the clinic, like you're sick and feeling totally crappy already,
and there's always these idiot kids running around the clinic screaming,
or banging their arms against the stupid glass door.
what are the parents doing! omg.

Fever, body aching like nuts, throat infection!

Feels like craaaaaaap!

Got 2 days mc! woohooo!
Came home, had breakfast, took my meds,
and i was pretty much knocked out!
Even when i woke up i was sooooo dizzy
i couldn't even walk straight! Strong shit.

Next time i can't fall asleep, i'll take that flu meds!

Camwhore while waiting for boyf to fetch me for
lunch at YumCha @ Chinatown!
Meeting shir after lunch!











Met shir and shopped until we both went abit kuku,
then cabbed to plaza singapura,
actually wanted to watch the proposal with felicia,
but in the end felicia couldn't join us. boohoo, bummer!

So we didnt watch it, tried to brainstorm for a better blogshop name,
but we just couldn't think of anything! lol, is chickhearts.livejournal OK!?
I LOVE IT LOR! I think it's funny and like un-typical-ish.

Bought a bracelet from F21 and some clothes from wetseal today!

foil top

rhindstone jean

pretzel knotted bracelet

Ettusais eye zone essence and GI Joe

Monday, August 24, 2009

Boyf bought a sushi platter & some jappy cheese thingy
to feed hungry me after fetching me from work!
And boyf bought tickets for G.I Joe while waiting for me to get off work!

GI Joe movie poster

Heard from my colleagues how aweeeeesome the show is!
Honestly i don't think that the korean guy is THAAAAT good looking,
But he has this body that we ladies and even guys would droooool over!
Super action packed!

Like JIU-BI-BA-BOOOOM throughout the whole movie!
Must watch must watch! :D

While waiting for our food, camwhore luh!


Anyway, remember this post:

Then i wrote about the newly launched Ettusais Eye Zone Tinted Colour Essence,
which is like an eye essence + light concealer for the eye area.

After so many months i'm still using it,
and i've not even finish the tube yet!
I'm really surprised it can last for so long!

And the more surprising part is how this product manage
to keep it's place on my daily must use makeup list!
I loooove trying new products, so i tend to buy and buy and buy,
But in the end i still go back to using the Eye Zone Tinted Colour Essence!


You know how most concealers are like soooo thick,
sometimes after afew hours it kinda settles into the fine lines of your eye area,
and that looks so ugly and it makes you look much OLDER!

With the Eye Zone Tinted Colour Essence,
it's so light (so it doesn't settle into the fine lines)
but it covers my dark eye rings really well!

I'm reaaaaaaally glad Ettusais gave me 2 tubes of this!
It cost $39 @ all Ettusais counter.
You girls should give this product a try! :D

Not forgetting the EyeZone massaging essence as well!
You're suppose to massage the light gel textured essence,
with massaging movements. It improves the blood circulation!
With long-term usage it firms your eye area,
And your dark eye circle and eye bag will slowly POOOOOF!

Plus while you massage youe eye area with the eye essence,
it really makes you feel so relaxed!
Awesome for use after a long day at work,
after staring at the computer screen for eons!


Anyway! Ettusais organizes personal workshop called
BEAUTY BUDDIES mini workshop!!!

Get your bestie (up to 3 friends & yourself),

call any Ettusais counters ONE WEEK in advance to make and appointment,
and Ettusais would tailor a workshop just for you!

Just let the beauty consultant know what you're interested in learning!
a mini makeup course? how to take care of your skin?
How to apply your makeup flawlessly?

And if you signed up for this Beauty-Buddies workshop
in the month of August, you'll get to try a Sebum-Off Kit Mask
OR the Dual-Whitening Mask!!!

It's only for the month of August,
so don't miss the chance to try these mask for FREEEEE!!

To register, simply purchase a $20 Ettusais voucher
(which is, btw fully redeemable!!!) and call any
ettusais counter to make your appointment!

Ettusais counters are at:

- Isetan Orchard, 6735 1809
- Metro Paragon, 6735 2236
- Isetan Scotts, 6836 1281
- BHG Bugis, 6334 7188

tokyopink advertorial

Sponsered Advertorial:

Tokyo pink is back with a neeeeeeew collection!
This time she picked a range of dresses that you can see from
vivi's magazine shipped from korea and japan!

I love her apparels, cos the quality is always always really good,
Casual yet it doesn't look cheap that it's still good for formal dinners,
yet still affordable and won't burn a hole in your pocket!

Something princessy for the dreamy sweet girl..

Vivi inspired dress with cute brown belt included

Victorian corset dress
(Which is sold out almost as soon as it is posted up on her website!)
Hopes she have a backorder on this popular piece!!! *hint hint*

Anyway, just get any two piece from TokyoPink,
get free postage plus a small surprise gift from tokyopink!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


i think my tagboard has some problem with it, right?
Anybody encounter problems with it?
I can't seem to post my replies. ):
Sooooo, I'll reply here!

Ping: No problem! You should really try it soon!
Somemore it's so cheap! :D

Auntie: Lol! uncle auntie thick skin!
Christin: eh.. i don't really rmb!

S: Hey sweetie, i spent around 1.5K plus air ticket?

Chloe: Hey sweetie! It's the 1st floor,
not sure what's the name of the store leh,
but they have alot of "STAR RETAILER"
sign all over the shop! lol.

Shu Fen: Hahahas, went crazy with the shopping there!

Elina: Lol, of course luh!

Reader: Hey sweetie, just dip your finger in the pot,
dab a small amount on your eyelid, and blend a little and we're done! (:

CS: Lol!!! i opened 3 flickr account
cos i always bust the limit every month! :D

Mindy: Hahahs, the photos from taiwan are shot by my samsung NV4,
after that all would be by my canon! (:

Hello: LOL!, with all the insane shopping?! NOT ENOUGH!
But you can draw money from the ATM @ XMD mrt station.

PY: Hi sweetie, so far i used around 2 months already
but still have a fair bit left! Lil: There're no highlights!
Hahahas, i havent done highlights for the longest time!
My hair is so brown now! lol. red faded to brown!

Xx: Spent around 1.5k sweetie! the hotel is really cheap!

Reader: i bought it from! (:
It's super duper comfy!

Curious passerby: Nope! My boyf is studying audio engineering
so he has all the system, tools, equipment and stuff to do the recording! (:

Went to a dinner with boyf and his family the other daaaaaay,


Lol, camwhore when the traffic lights go REEEEEEED!


Boyf's mummy!


It was a loooooong AND borrrrrrrring night.
Felt like i'm rotting awaaaay!
Escaped to the toilet when the games
starts to avoid being SABO-ED!

Baked heart pretzel cookies for boyf on one of my off days!
Finaaaaally boyf gets to eat something i baked!


But he polished off half the box by the end of the night,
And all gone by the next day! GAAAAAWD, crazy cookie monster.
He's damn scary i swear!


Shopping shopping on forever 21!
Love this super cute flowery dress!



Bought new heels from charles and keith! IMG_0323

Finally meet up with my sweetieeeee auntie the other day after work!
(Which explains why i look so bloody shaaaaagged!)

I love and hate felicia goh!
Everytime i take pictures with her i look so bloody tannnnnnned,
And she'll look like a ghost, so paaaaaaaale!
The contrast between us is not flattering at all! :x

Bitching and camwhoring!

Had dinner at Waraku, casual japanese dining @ hereeeeen!
Waraku is like my 2nd favourite after Sushi Tei for japanese cuisine!
Boyf and i have dinner there for like the 3rd time this month already luh~



Smelly felicia and her non-stop teasing about my short hands and legs!
Smelly! Not mine short okay! It's yours that's freakishly loooooong!




Lol, my boyf is a monssssssster!

That bowl is damn bloooody heavy lah!

Hahahahas, look at what my mum did when i'm not at home!
Zzzzz... Psycho bunny.. :x



Lol, booooooobies bunny!

Had to wake up really early last friday to drag my sleepy ass
to ettusais's office in town early in the morning @ 9AM!!!
YAAAAAAAWNS, Spent 2 hours on hair and makeup,
and 2 mins shooting under the sun and the makeup is pretty much melted! lol.

After the shoot, meet up boyf @ Liang Court for japanese fooooooood!


Boyf's KING donburi. LOL, WHAT KING?!
Piak one egg and some pathetic strands of seaweed
on top then can call itself KING LAR!


Mine Mineeeeee! I had cheese pork katsu!

After lunchie,
went to meidi-ya japanese supermarket to buy some tidbits,
and went to buy tickets for UP @ cineleisure!!!
Wanted to watch in 3D but soooooold out! Boohoo. ):


I love the intro part before the movie starts!
The part where the clouds are making babies, puppies etc!
MUST GO AND WATCH! It's so damn funny please,

i was like laughing like NUTS!

Sayonara, Loves.
Gonna go have Yum Cha later with boyf
and meeting shirley & felicia later on tonight!

Everytime i have yum cha it reminds me of florellaaaaaa!
Boohoo, haven't seen her for the longest time. omg.